Magna International


Magna’s commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Our Operations

We are forging new paths to being a greener company by focusing on environmentally responsible world-class manufacturing.

The cornerstone of our sustainability effort centers on responsibly managing our manufacturing emissions and improving our energy efficiency.

Our Magna Steyr facility in Graz, Austria and our Polycon Industries plant in Guelph, Ontario are two among many of the Magna operations that have been recognized by utility providers and local governments for achievements in environmental responsibility.

We pride ourselves on our conservation awards, including one from Enbridge Gas Distribution, which recognized us for 16 energy-efficient projects that achieved an annual natural gas savings of 2.75 million cubic meters, the carbon emission equivalent of planting more than 1,600 trees.

For 2018, our green initiatives continue to grow.

On a manufacturing level, we not only make compliance our highest priority, we also are making advances in maximizing efficiencies while minimizing waste.

Today, our plants have an “energy champion” and an energy savings team that meets monthly with the goal of conserving resources. Renewed focus is placed on everything from saving water to cutting down on leaks in compressed air during the manufacturing process. New shutdown procedures for plants that don’t run 24/7 are in place as part of a new conservation push.

Product Innovation

The commitment to sustainability carries on through our products, including our ability to design and manufacture lightweight vehicle solutions and our development of innovative powertrain products to improve the environmental impact of passenger vehicles.

In cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Grupo Antolin, we developed a new ultralight door module that will help global automakers develop greener vehicles through lightweighting.

Our carbon-fiber subframe reduces vehicle mass by 34 percent compared to stamped steel, yet another way to make cars and trucks more environmentally friendly.

The new products in our portfolio include powertrain systems and modules for vehicles equipped with 48-volt systems or mild hybrids as well as high-voltage systems including full hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle powertrains.

Magna’s inventive mix of materials and technologies is tackling the challenge of weight reduction in vehicles to save fuel and cut vehicle emissions.

By being encouraged to think like entrepreneurs and visionaries, our employees always have green solutions in the pipeline.

Our Partners/Suppliers

Sustainability means sharing ideas and best practices with our employees and suppliers around the globe to improve the efficient use of resources, minimize waste, and use innovative design and engineering to reduce the environmental impact of our processes and products.

We supply our global customer base by manufacturing close to our major markets, including Asia, Europe and the Americas. This strategy shortens the supply chain, which cuts fuel consumption and emissions, benefits the environment, and encourages the growth of local suppliers.

Magna’s global facilities are encouraged to use recyclable materials to minimize waste and take other steps to manage the environmental impact of our manufacturing process.

We pledge to work with our partners and suppliers to develop products and processes that are smarter, safer, cleaner and lighter as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability.