Magna International

People & Community

Magna in Action/The Community

Sustainability is not just about the company and its processes and products; it’s about giving back to the communities in which we are based.

We invest in our people and contribute to local communities by leading on environmental initiatives and building on our legacy of giving back through charitable contributions.

We encourage and support our employees who devote their time, energy and passion to making a positive contribution to their workplace and communities through direct giving, special events, fundraising and volunteer work.

A new global initiative called the Magna Matching Program is just one example of how concern for others is a cornerstone of our Fair Enterprise culture.

The program has already matched more than 60 projects globally for which Magna employees have fundraised. One example includes our participation with World Vision’s Global 6K for Water to help set up new clean water in Africa, India and Haiti.

Driving Integrity

Conducting business with integrity, fairness and respect in all countries where we do business is fundamental to operating a sustainable global automotive enterprise.

This philosophy is a key part of our public identity and it’s our way of being a good corporate partner.

Compliance with regulations and standards is given the highest priority wherever we operate.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics includes compliance with the law, proper interaction with government officials and protecting our confidential and proprietary information, as well as that of our customers and other stakeholders.

Working Conditions

Respecting and promoting human and workplace rights around the world is a foundational element of our corporate culture.

We are committed to making sure that working conditions in our global operations and supply chain are safe and that all employees are treated with respect and dignity.

We will uphold the fundamental human rights of workers and strive to provide equal employment and career advancement opportunities in diverse workplace environments.

Employee Satisfaction

Deeply ingrained in our unique Fair Enterprise culture is our commitment to responsible citizenship, which recognizes that employee engagement and commitment are keys to our business success around the world.

Our blueprint for fairness includes providing competitive wages and benefits; a safe and healthful workplace; fair treatment; communication and information; and employee equity and profit participation.

These principles address universal employee needs across cultures and borders.