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Staying ahead of a rapidly changing industry requires an understanding of where it’s going.

Decades of experience, complete systems expertise and the ability to recognize the most significant emerging trends, gives Magna the agility necessary to create the innovations of tomorrow. And it allows us to be leaders in the four key areas that will shape the industry for many years to come: lightweighting, autonomy, electrification and smart mobility.


Autonomous vehicles won’t just change mobility – they’ll change the world. Our concentration on advanced driver-assist features – the building blocks of smart mobility – are leading the industry today and have us uniquely positioned to meet the needs of a fully autonomous future.


The future is electrified. In the next few years, there will be over 40 powertrain architectures on the market, from internal combustion to fully electric. Our propulsion expertise enables us to design and build the majority of them. Together, we’re making the industry greener and more fuel-efficient.


Less mass, less fuel, less CO2. Making vehicles lighter is key to creating more environmentally friendly vehicles. Our knowledge of materials and joining processes enable us to design products that are optimized for mass, without compromising structural integrity or performance.

Smart Mobility

Mobility is always evolving. Our ability to integrate flexible architecture solutions, modular powertrain designs and autonomous driving technology means that we can deliver on these needs, in a scalable way, for any vehicle platform.

Employees, Cooperation with industry players, Universities, Start-ups, VC's, Cross Industry

Disruptive ideas are everywhere,
so that’s where we look

Magna is collaborating with the best and brightest in the industry.?? We have an open mindset that allows us to expand our reach and respond to the diverse and unique technical challenges in new ways, by working with Universities, startups, VCs and industry partners.?

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Winning Innovations Networks

Any Idea. Any Time. Any Place.

WIN is a global platform that brings together the minds of our employees to individually or collaboratively submit any idea to be reviewed by Magna Product Experts to enter the Gate Review Process. The platform also includes the annual Employee Innovation Challenge which poses a specific challenge statement to be solved during a specific time period.

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