Magna International

Structural Assemblies


Lightweight, Corrosion Resistant Solutions

Magna's structural assemblies utilize a combination of materials including an industrial grade carbon fiber with a modified vinyl ester resin system to achieve a 34 percent mass reduction over a stamped steel, 30-40 percent lower tooling investment and is corrosion resistant. This technology showcased on the subframe can be utilized on several Body-in-White and Chassis applications for weight reduction opportunities.

Carbon Fiber Subframe
By replacing 45 steel parts with two molded and four metallic parts, the prototype subframe achieves a dramatic 87 percent reduction in the number of parts. The carbon fiber subframe was the result of an investigation to potentially mass-reduce benefits and technical challenges of using carbon fiber-reinforced composites in chassis applications. The subframe is a key part of a vehicle's structure, typically providing a place to attach the engine and wheels while also contributing rigidity and crash management.