Magna International

Complete Vehicle Engineering & Integration


Solutions that Excite the Industry

As an engineering partner to the automotive industry, we provide solutions that create enthusiasm among our global customers. Our comprehensive portfolio covers all service areas from pre-development to complete vehicle development, including styling, prototype build, and hardware testing. Our many years of experience in complete vehicle development and validated engineering tools make us the preferred provider for a complex spectrum of engineering services and production technologies.

Complete Engineering Process

For the development process, Magna derives the technical objectives from the customer market profile and drives the integration of these targets into the systems and modules. We create the overall development strategy and carry out the complete vehicle development including virtual, and later on, physical validation for all functional properties. The achievement of all objectives with regard to function and durability are part of our responsibility.

Processes & Methods

Changing market conditions, global orientation, a clear understanding of customer requirements and how to realize them in a commercially advantageous manner requires efficient and flexible processes. To stay ahead, it's necessary to continuously and systematically develop our program and project management methods and processes across all areas of product development.

With our in-house Product Development Process we ensure to work with state-of-the-art processes and methods such as validated simulation methods, Digital Factory and Smart Factory solutions. This guarantees maximum quality, safety and flexibility for our customers. Magna stands for exceptional quality in complete vehicle development from early concept design up to series launch.

Integration of Alternative Propulsion Systems

In the automotive industry, we are facing increasing complexity of components in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. One of our major tasks is to define an appropriate vehicle and system layout for electric and hybrid vehicles incorporating all functional and commercial targets.

Integration of Functions & Features (ADAS, HMI)

The complex and dynamic nature of vehicle electric and electronic systems requires a high level of competence in systems networking and specification of interfaces to the mechanical world. At Magna we are working on future electric or electronic architectures. Our main focus areas are complete vehicle integration and validation of semi- and fully-automated driving systems including testing strategies and maneuver catalogues on system and vehicle level as well as fulfillment of active safety requirements.


Our drivable demonstrator, the FCREEV (fuel-cell range-extended electric vehicle), shows how very long ranges can be achieved at zero emissions. Combining a hydrogen and electric drive, it runs without any fossil fuels at all. That way it leverages the advantages of two alternative drive systems: fast fueling and the high-energy density of hydrogen as well as the available infrastructure for electric charging. The implemented drive architecture can be adapted to OEM-specific demands and different vehicle segments. A compact-size car, for example, can cover 90 km in purely electric mode and 500 km in combined hybrid operation without recharging or refueling.