Magna International

Development of Modules & Systems


From Concept to Series Production

Our many years of experience in the development and production of vehicles guarantees we have complete knowledge of our customers’ requirements and the ability to fulfill those requirements precisely. Our core competences include the geometrical and functional integration of modules and systems as well as their validation, taking into account the complete vehicle requirements. We ensure development from concept to series production with our efficient project and process management. We include cost, function, weight and technologies in due proportion and in alignment with the customer’s targets.


The body-in-white is the main structural part of the car. We offer customers solutions for weight reduction, and increased synergies for derivatives and cost reduction. Limiting CO2 emissions through lightweight design is a key trend in the automotive industry. We are working successfully on lightweight innovations capable of series production in high-volume vehicle segments. Our long history in complete vehicle development and validated engineering tools makes us the preferred provider for a complex spectrum of engineering services and production technologies. Our virtual design methods and in-house testing equipment help us develop new and innovative lightweight solutions.

Exteriors & Interiors

Special attention is ascribed to the technical area of exteriors and interiors. From headlamps to cockpit, the breadth of parts available is an important platform for vehicle stylists. Besides appearance, these parts must comply with complex functional requirements, and meet customers’ high expectations for quality and a premium feel.

Exteriors and Interiors is a field of fast technical development, driven in part by legislators, the availability of new technologies, and a dynamic market. Changing frame conditions require, but also enable, car makers to continuously re-imagine and redesign classical elements of the vehicle interior and exterior. In this environment, we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner for creative work, problem solving and implementation. Customers benefit from our field of activities which include driving processes and management of interfaces and suppliers. In this manner, we can coordinate the entire product development cycle to deliver a stable state for serial production.

Chassis & Powertrain

We develop chassis and powertrain concepts from concepts to series production, acting as system developer and system integrator either independently or in cooperation with system suppliers. Our years of experience in the development and production of vehicles guarantees we understand customers’ requirements and can fulfill these requirements precisely. Our core competences include geometrical and functional integration of chassis, powertrain and fuel systems, as well as validation against the requirements of the complete vehicle. Magna ensures development from concept to series production with efficient project and process leadership, and our detailed knowledge of customer processes.

Electrics & Electronics

In today′s vehicles, electrics and electronics are increasingly important. The share of comprehensive customer- and system functions increases continuously. In this context, the total vehicle understanding is an important part in the competence of the functional Integration. We have the competence to design entire EE architectures as well as to integrate and secure complex systems.