Magna International

Prototype & Low-volume Manufacturing


Magna‘s Prototype Shop manufactures concept vehicles, test vehicles and prototype vehicles at any stage of evolution, as well as low-volume production with a high degree of individualization. Our mission is to validate mass production processes and technologies during the prototype phases and transfer it to production. In addition we perform on- and off-road vehicle durability testing and also component testing.

Jigs/Fixtures & Automatization

Smart solutions for production

We supply turnkey solutions ranging from concepts and jigs to fully automated fixtures and robot cells. It varies from master location and clamping concepts to CAD-design, assembly, measurement and adjustment. We reduce time and costs through virtual buildability validation, a reusable standard fixture system and robot offline and inline programming.

Sample Shop

Your concept is our challenge

We manufacture parts from quantity one upwards to low volume production. We also provide rework center activities, standard material application and cut bodies at the highest degree of flexibility. Physical mock-ups, seating bucks as well as complete concept and MULE vehicles are also included in our portfolio.

Body Shop

More than just prototypes

In order to ensure the later series-production process, we produce prototype bodies of the highest quality. We implement various joining technologies for steel and lightweight joints in existing automatic cells (e.g. Laser welding, Self pierce riveting, Clinching, Friction Element welding, Flow drill screwing, Flow push,…). We also provide customized manual processes and automation for prototypes and low volume production.
Prototype Assembly

Customized vehicle manufacturing

Prototypes and individual vehicles are assembled and we carry out complete vehicle-teardown inspection as well as validation of assembly sequences, series processes and training of series staff. Prototype assembly also covers after-market rebuilds and low-volume production.

Logistics, Maintenance, Quality

Professional background support guaranteeing production

We make sure that all parts are in the right place at the right time and guarantee the availability of equipment parts along the complete operational sequence. High quality is assured in quality checking, documentation and definition of measures.

Component Testing, on- & off road vehicle durability & misuse testing

Ensuring your components

Component testing includes static bending and torsion, door lowering, angular test and dent stiffness, durability tests on doors and lids, vibration testing and DVP&R as well as test tracking. We define test procedures, run the on- and off-road tests, perform misuse tests and document the results.