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Software Development in Cars


We create software of the highest quality and are a flexible, reliable and solution-oriented partner. We combine agile development methods with sound automotive expertise. Our customers can rest assured that our software reliably fulfills the agreed requirements and quality standards. We always have our finger on the pulse of the times and know the challenges of digitalization down to the last detail. Our many years of experience in the various areas of vehicle development guarantee targeted software development. For the implementation of projects, we put together a precisely tailored, well-rehearsed team from our broad developer pool, which has a lot of experience in working together with OEMs and tier 1 suppliers. Our employees undergo continual training and development and we create conditions that promote innovation.

Automotive Software

Software in vehicles is becoming increasingly important. The number of software modules in the vehicle and the demands placed on them are constantly increasing. In addition, more and more functions are being shifted from hardware to software. The networking of components within the vehicle and the networking of the vehicle with its environment are also becoming increasingly important.

Our Core Competences

Thanks to many years of experience in the various fields of vehicle development, we have many core competences. These include display systems and human-machine interface (HMI), graphics development and design, AUTOSAR, diagnostic services and bootloaders, connected mobility (Car2X), electromobility, app development and Linux.

Our Services

For the implementation of projects, we put together a precisely tailored, well-rehearsed team from our broad pool of developers, who have a lot of experience in working together with OEMs and tier 1 suppliers. We offer our customers a broad portfolio of services, including prototyping and demonstrators, validation of complex systems, conception and development of customized software, ECU software, backend software, apps, desktop applications as well as research and development.

How We Work

The development of future technologies in vehicles requires modern project management methods that ensure transparency, flexible control options, resource efficiency and high development speed in equal measure. In addition to the classic V-model, we are also experts in modern development methods, such as Agile, Scrum, Kanban or Automotive Scrum. Depending on the project, we combine the methods individually and profitably for the customer.

Thinking Ahead for the Customer

The car of the future is more than just a mobile platform with propulsion, some electronics and software; it is a highly networked mobile IT platform. The drivers of this development are not only the established automobile manufacturers, but also new start-ups and leading IT companies.

To successfully develop the evolution of the automobile and pursue groundbreaking ideas, a certain amount of freedom is necessary. That’s why we safeguard this freedom in our in-house Advanced Development. Here, employees, doctoral students and students in highly agile teams develop new software and hardware solutions and work on implementing the customer requirements of the day after tomorrow.

The team carries out R&D in broadly diversified innovation fields – for example industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory, connected mobility, 5G as well as HMI (Human-Machine Interface), which strongly mesh and mutually inspire each other. With our innovative Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions, we are making the development and security of the car of the future more efficient. In order to consider all perspectives, our Advanced Development department is in permanent contact with experts from all departments, international committees and universities. Developing tomorrow today – that's what we have already done yesterday.

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Software Solutions

In our service sector, we often solved problems with our own software developments. When we realized that these problems did not only occur with us, we created products from our own solutions and moved them to a new business area, Software Solutions.

We provide innovative and open products which provide high flexibility for our customers. In our flexible development environment, we react quickly and offer the best service and tailor-made software products.

Our portfolio includes the ISO 15118-compliant PLC stack Telemotive Intelligent Charging (TIC) and our in-house tool for test automation, Telemotive Test Automation (TTA). TIC enables standardized and error-free data exchange between charging station and the electric/hybrid car. TTA is an open, easy-to-operate software framework for fast and flexible creation of test cases. 

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