Magna International

Complete Vehicle Validation


State-of-the-art Testing for Vehicle Safety  

Magna is your competent overall development partner with several years of experience in executing complete vehicle projects together with different OEMs and suppliers.

We offer the full range in complete vehicle validation beginning from design/concept via simulation to virtual validation to functional validation.


Testing Facilities & Services

Magna is a reliable and flexible development partner for complete vehicle testing, especially in the field of passive vehicle safety. Our knowledge and years of experience account for our success and the high quality of service we provide. Experienced engineers, state-of-the-art measurement engineering and a variety of testing facilities, make a wide range of products and services in the field of safety testing possible. Modular and functional systems are developed, simulated and tested at Magna’s Test Center. A very special feature is our own dummy lab. Dummy certification, dummy maintenance, and the renting of dummies and sensors are only part of our comprehensive service portfolio that ensures swift provision of expert solutions for any challenge.

Services & Facilities
Our range of services include safety testing, test engineering and test technology. Safety testing covers the areas of crash technology, crash simulation technology, lifecycle and car safety. Our test engineering helps improve vehicle safety, including interior and exterior safety, as well as integrated safety. Test technology offered includes test rig construction and building, training and consulting and dummy certification, including the rental of dummies and sensors to customers. 

Testing Services ADAS/AD (ALP.Lab)

For the future of the automotive industry, it will be crucial to continue to define and further develop Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD) safety concepts. At Magna, the integration and validation of partially and fully-automated systems at a complete vehicle level is center stage for driver assistance systems. Magna is working with research institutes and industrial enterprises to initiate Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving or ALP.Lab. Combining the entire test chain in one location, from first simulation to test rigs and, finally, trial runs on private and public test tracks, the project is a unique testing laboratory for the automotive industry. ALP.Lab allows for reproducible testing scenarios on freeways and the analysis of detected faults to be carried out under real traffic conditions. In this way, we provide a powerful data-service offering which supports our customers in achieving a higher classification pursuant to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) automated driving guidelines.