Magna International

Vehicle Safety Testing


An increasing variety of derivatives, broader product ranges and new drive concepts are causing capacity bottlenecks for OEMs in the mobility sector. Prior to their introduction in the market, the products must undergo thorough validation and verification tests. Magna fulfills this customer requirement by offering testing and test engineering services for the automotive, aviation and automotive industries. These tests are carried out by the impartial test laboratory of ACTS GmbH & Co. KG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Magna Steyr.

Our broad range of services and the ability to execute comprehensive engineering as well as production monitoring tests is supported by an extensive inventory of testing equipment. We develop and test components, systems and complete vehicles for our customers. In these tests, the products are exposed to extreme environmental conditions and mechanical stresses. Then the test results are fed into the computer simulation and serve to develop the products.

With our extensive know-how base, we are also able to plan, manufacture and deliver test benches specially adapted to the relevant test method and the customer’s requirements. The dummy service consists of testing and certification of dummies and their sensors, but also extends to the planning, construction and delivery of complete dummy laboratories. Due to the outstanding adaptability and configuration freedom of the test benches, they are ideal for the performance of tests to the exacting requirements of the customer, which our experienced employees always satisfy in accordance with the high Magna quality standards – even at short notice.


The verification phase of the safety system of a new vehicle concludes with the crash test on the complete vehicle. Since this crash test involves a massive input of resources, both in terms of material and measurement technology, it is one of the most complex and expensive development tests by far in the entire field of vehicle safety.

The test constellations are determined by the customer requirements and range from frontal impact against rigid and deformable barriers, to side impact with deformable barrier vehicles or rigid columns, to rear-end impact and rollover tests.

Magna offers all of these test constellations in conformity with international and national standards (ECE, FMVSS, NCAP, etc.) - even under climatic conditions. At the customer's request, we can also carry out special car-to-car tests and field accident simulations in the crash hall. A special crash track, with different striking angles (0°-90°) and mobile crash block, is available for this purpose. The tests cover all current and future drivetrain concepts. For a comprehensive end-to-end coverage of the process, the portfolio also includes customer-specific pre- and post-analyses of the test specimens and their components (HV batteries, fuel systems, system components, etc.).

Crash Simulation

The crash simulation is a physical test in which an adapted test vehicle (vehicle body or test frame) – mounted on an accelerated or decelerated test sled – is subjected to the loads of a real vehicle crash. This offers a big advantage. As the test vehicle is not destroyed in the process it can be reused, allowing individual components or systems to be tested in the crash simulation, e.g. for the development of restraint systems, high-voltage batteries or seats.

A hydraulic device accelerates the test sled. The test objects can be installed and tested as a component or in a vehicle environment. This avoids the need to perform expensive crash tests with complete vehicles and reduces costs.

Life Cycle & Car Safety

With its specially developed test systems, Magna is able to test the safety, service life and functions starting with individual components and through to the complete vehicle. All common safety, endurance, strength, function, stiffness and environmental simulation tests are performed according to the applicable legal requirements or customer specifications.

Test Technology

Test Technology deals with the challenges of engineering in the areas of special tests, consulting, test bench design and dummy service. As a specialist in these areas, we offer fast and flexible solutions plus special tests to customer specifications in order to validate new technologies or develop new test methods. The know-how of our engineers enables us to deliver customized test benches on turnkey basis and implement them in the business processes at our customer’s site. Examples include dummy certification systems and robot-based testing systems with environmental simulation.

The certification of dummies and test impactors further expands our portfolio. A flexible pick-up and delivery service guarantees maximum resource availability for our customers.

In addition Test Technology carries out battery tests, which are not only carried out on the test specimens themselves but also include a comprehensive pre- and post-analysis of the high-voltage components.

Testing Services

Magna prevents resource bottlenecks for its customers by providing fully-comprehensive customer-specific support during the preparation and follow-up phases of vehicle and component tests – including a prototype-proof transport service for our customers.

A team of mechatronics technicians and engineers prepare the vehicles and parts for the tests in a separate hall located in the immediate vicinity of the customer’s site. They also take care of all the follow-up tasks, and always do so fully in compliance with customer requirements.

Finally, Magna’s own in-house logistics team deals with all logistics and transport tasks on the customer's premises.