Magna International

Industrial Services


Solutions Tailored to the Customer’s Needs  

Bringing together the know-how and expertise of all Magna’s planning and manufacturing divisions, we offer our customers access to an extensive knowledge base. Unlike traditional consulting service providers, Magna provides support from consultation through to the implementation phase. Our understanding of highly complex issues allows us to develop groundbreaking but easily implemented solutions tailored to the needs of the customer. With solutions that increase our customer’s efficiency, we help improve competitiveness and earnings potential. Magna stands apart because our solutions aren’t theoretical solutions. Our ability to implement them onsite allows us to drive sustainable change and achieve measurable success in partnership with our customers.

Our Range of Services

We develop tailored solutions working in partnership with our customers and building on our comprehensive experience. Our range of products covers workflow and process planning, all optimization-related activities, worker support on the shop floor and interim management.

In recent years, numerous renowned companies around the world have relied on our services. We have successfully worked through more than 300 challenging projects for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for major international corporations.