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Future Ready with Magna’s Scalable Solutions

Autonomous driving requires intelligent and connected mobile solutions. Magna offers intelligent solutions designed for an autonomous future.

Front Camera Modules

All of Magna’s generations of front camera modules offer a comprehensive portfolio in innovative and intelligent driver assistance systems. Features include Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Forward Collision Warning, Lighting Automation, Glare-Free High Beam and Collision Mitigation.

Single and Multi Cameras

Magna camera systems provide the driver with active guidance during parking and driving scenarios. Innovative technologies offered include 3D surround view systems that enable a 360 degree view around your vehicle, where camera video streams are processed and stitched together seamlessly.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Magna's ultrasonic sensors can detect local objects within 1 cm and provide quick and accurate response rates for precise autonomous parking features. Our ultrasonic sensors enable standalone or fusion with cameras for highly precise parking features.


Magna's ICON RADAR? sets new standards in high-resolution automotive radar. The fully modular and scalable solution provides both horizontal and vertical detection with the ability to discriminate adjacent targets. It includes the smallest Radar chip on the market with the highest available processing power. Providing industry-first pedestrian detection via Radar in far distances (£100m) and a range to 300m.

Solid State LiDAR

Magna’s high resolution solid state LiDAR is enabling the autonomous driving future. With our highly integrated solid state LiDAR technology, there are fewer laser sources and small detector arrays, reducing heat and costs. Magna's investment and collaboration with Innoviz supports industrialization, validation, integration and software automotive requirements including integrated processing capabilities for Object Detection and Computer Vision applications.

Domain Controller

The Magna ADAS Domain controller enables a flexible and scalable autonomous driving compute platform for different vehicle and interface requirements. Different Systems (SoCs) can be integrated to enable customer specific preferences. Our Scalable Domain Controller and flexible network interfaces also increase development flexibility.