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All-Wheel & 4-Wheel Drive Systems

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Driving Better Performance

Modern all-wheel drive (AWD) systems have to meet a variety of different requirements including improved vehicle dynamics and performance, higher safety through optimized traction, and lowest fuel consumption and emissions. Magna supports this development with innovative, efficient and cost effective four-wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) systems. We support transverse and longitudinal drivetrain layouts for a variety of vehicle segments.

We are the innovation partner for high performance, safety and flexibility within the automotive industry. Our leading driveline solutions support future market requirements for safety, performance, CO2 reduction and global platform strategy concepts for OEMs.

Bundled Systems Expertise

The future development of the powertrain will be marked by rapid change. Automation and electrification are increasingly important. Efficient automatic transmissions will be required as much as electrified on-demand systems in the entire powertrain. We expect the quick growth of 48 Volt mild hybrid drives but also plug-in hybrids enabling purely electric driving in no-emissions zones. In parallel, performance and torques of modern vehicles will continue to increase. This requires more vehicle architectures that allow transferring power reliably and efficiently to the road. In addition to efficient transmissions, Magna also banks on advanced all-wheel technology to reduce fleet consumption and emissions.