Magna International

4-Wheel Drive Systems


Dynamic Performance On and Off Road

We offer highest performance in the most dynamic driving situations, reliability for extreme requirements in offroad operation and increased safety through best traction reliability. Magna’s transfer case systems are designed to meet the customer’s needs under various driving conditions. Combined with optimized front axle drives with low weight and small packaging, four-wheel drive (4WD) systems by Magna meet the demand for best-in-class fuel efficiency for each application.

Premium 4WD. The Instinct to Perform

Actimax? is designed for the intensive requirements of sports and premium vehicles. The active system splits torque, distributes it intelligently to the secondary axle and supports the pre-load in speed for the secondary axle. Modular software components allow customized compilation of functional modules to meet different requirements for efficiency, traction and driving dynamics. The Direct Actuation System in combination with Magna's controls strategy guarantees optimal torque accuracy and dynamic torque distribution. Actimax? is available with different front output systems (gear drive, chain drive and concentric drive) to meet specific requirements for torque distribution, packaging, weight and efficiency.

Durable 4WD. Ultimate Offroad Performance

Ultimax? by Magna is optimized for the extreme requirements in offroad operation. Thanks to different versions and a variety of possible operational modes, Ultimax? can effortlessly be adapted to perfectly meet individual vehicle requirements. Ultimax? is available as a double speed part-time, full-time or active transfer case. The deep low ratio enables the operation in extreme offroad terrain or the pulling of heavy loads with best drivability under severe conditions. What makes Ultimax? unique is the optionally available shift on the move functionality, which allows to switch between high and low ranges while driving.

Permanent 4WD. Truly Reliable Drive

Magna’s Trumax? Transfer Case is a single speed transfer case with an open a center differential and two options for the front output: chain drive or beveloid drive (angular output). 
The single speed full-time differential with a purely mechanical function splits the torque and distributes drive power permanently and continuously to both axles, which can provide more acceleration or traction. Customers are able to choose from multiple torque split versions. Innovative features such as the ultra-light design and pumpless lubrication enhance the energy efficiency of the system.

Premium 4WD. The Instinct of Efficiency

Ecomax? is the next generation of a fully active transfer case, combining a new level of efficiency and maximum driving dynamics for premium and sports vehicles. The system provides disconnect capability to four-wheel drive vehicles. Thanks to Magna's revolutionary pumpless technology, significant fuel economy and emissions improvements are possible without compromise in dynamics, driver enthusiasm and safety. Optional front output configurations include chain drive, three-gear drive, and beveloid two-gear drive. The integration of a Flex4? coupling into the transfer case lays the foundations to achieve lowest drag torque and to completely disconnect the secondary drivetrain.