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All-Wheel Drive Systems


All-Wheel Drive for Every Condition

Today's all-wheel drive (AWD) systems need to be light, easy to handle and fully adaptable to various driving conditions without sacrificing traction, performance or safety. Magna's solutions are built to meet the requirements of our customers. To achieve the best results for each driving situation, Magna combines Power Take-Off Units (PTU), AWD couplings and rear-axle drives to complete AWD systems.

Ultra Light Rear Axle

This next generation integrated rear drive module offers complete disconnect compatibility with a fully integrated coupling, utilizing one common oil. The side mounted, fully integrated multi-plate wet clutch is controlled by a brushless motor and an mechanical ball-ramp type actuation system. Rear Drive Modules (RDM) utilize an integrated Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and actuator that provide a cost effective, light-weight solution over other ECU or actuator combinations. As with all of Magna’s AWD and four-wheel drive product portfolio, sophisticated control algorithms help provide superior driving performance for handling maneuvers and off-road conditions.

TWIN Rear Drive System

The TWIN Rear Drive System offers all-wheel drive with torque vectoring, including an electronic limited slip differential functionality. The unique arrangement of the two couplings on the rear axle allows for independent torque to be provided to the rear left and right wheels. Two multi-plate wet clutches are each controlled by a brushless motor and an mechanic ball-ramp type actuation system. Together with sophisticated control algorithms, an improved driving performance for handling maneuvers and off-road conditions is achieved. Enhanced effects for vehicle dynamics can be achieved by implementing a ratio difference between hypoid gearsets in the PTU and RDM.

Dynamax Coupling

Magna’s Dynamax Coupling is a fully active AWD coupling with an electro-hydraulic torque control via a multi-plate clutch. Torque capacity is up to 1000 Nm. With an excellent response time on/off and high torque control accuracy, the system allows for the optimization of the vehicle's dynamic performance. By continuously monitoring the latest driving conditions and exchanging information with the control electronics of the car the system is able to detect the demands the all-wheel drive will have to meet early-on.