Magna International

Disconnect Systems


Better Fuel Efficiency with Fast Disconnect

Magna Flex4? is a preemptive disconnect system which greatly increases the fuel efficiency of all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. With its fast and seamless reconnect process, it responds immediately to optimize vehicle safety, traction and dynamics. Disconnect systems help to improve fuel efficiency by engaging the all-wheel drive (AWD), four-wheel drive (4WD) system only when needed, thus providing significant fuel savings.

Flex4? Disconnect System

FLEX4? provides true two-wheel drive to AWD vehicles by disconnecting all unnecessary components from the drivetrain. Non-moving parts do not cause friction and churning losses. FLEX4? engages AWD only when required, therefore improving fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions, and automatically detects whether AWD is required or not. The fast reconnect process responds immediately when AWD/4WD is required (i.e. slip event). The system provides both automatic and driver forced activation.

Flex4? Coupling

The innovative Flex4? coupling with electro-mechanical actuation guarantees adaptive clutch clearance control with high accuracy and best efficiency. With the coupling, it is possible to achieve lowest drag torque and to completely disconnect the secondary drivetrain. An innovative concept for the oil distribution within the coupling allows for lowest splash losses and to gain required drag torque. The Flex4? coupling can be implemented as single or twin architecture.

Flex4 Fast Reconnect

Magna's FLEX4? disconnect system is an electro-mechanical device utilizing a lead screw and curvic dog clutch technologies. This provides for on-off-on operation that permits the OEM to utilize disconnect/reconnect strategies during fuel economy drive cycle, yielding improved results. The device can be positioned in both AWD and 4WD architectures either in a bolt-on or integrated configuration for Power Take-Off Unit (PTU), or front and rear axle drives.