Magna International

Chassis Control Modules


Magna Safety and Control

Magna’s Chassis Controller and Battery Management Systems provide special functions like active damping and suspension control as well as monitor and control battery packs for safe operation in response to vehicle conditions and thermal requirements.

Intelligent Chassis Control Module (ICCM)

Magna's Intelligent Chassis Control Modules (ICCM) perform various suspension and chassis related functions with full ASIL D functional safety capability. System integration include mounting outside the passenger compartment usually to a rigid body.

Battery Management Unit

The Battery Management Unit (BMU) is the brain of the battery pack looking at inputs such as voltage and current to control and protect the battery pack. The BMU requires data from the cells (usually provided by a CSB) and are two variants of this module (high and low content) are available.

Cell Sensing Board (CSB)

The CSB measures four temperatures and up to 12 Lithium Ion or Polymer battery cells. The data can be polled by another module in the system (usually a Battery Management Unit). In addition, the CSB has hardware protection against over- and under-voltage as well as over temperature.