Magna International

Exterior Mirrors


Styling and Safety in One Package

Magna is a global leader providing high-tech exterior mirrors that not only improve safety, but improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. Exterior mirrors provide rearward vision while integrated electronics improve vehicle visibility and safety.


The ClearView? outside mirror integrates a camera into a traditional mirror which is regulatory compliant. Featuring a larger field of view, intuitive dynamic overlays and reduced drag, the system displays a live feed from the camera on a screen integrated on the A-pillar.


First-to-market outside mirror that features a fully integrated turn signal laser cut into the mirror housing. This production method results in a turn signal that is nearly invisible when not in use.

Projection Lighting

Enhance vehicle styling with a downward facing light that allows ground illumination, logo lighting or both. Projection lighting modules provide opportunities for customer branding and can be packaged either in the outside mirror or door handle.

Blind Spot Detection

Electronic Blind Zone Indicators (BZI) and the PACE award-winning BlindZoneMirrorTM enhance vehicle safety by providing increased awareness of the vehicle's blind spots.