Magna International

Interior Mirrors


Synergy Between Glass and Electronics

Magna is a global leader in providing high-tech interior mirrors that not only improve safety, but improve the interior aesthetics of the vehicle. Interior mirrors are not just a piece of glass, but are prime real estate for electronics integration.

Auto Dimming

Electrochromic (EC) mirrors improve safety by reducing glare in the inside mirror. When integrated sensors detect glare they automatically dim the inside mirror to reduce driver discomfort.


Standard prismatic mirrors allow the driver to see behind the vehicle while giving the option to reduce glare by changing the angle of the mirror prism inside.

Infinity? Mirror

The PACE award-winning Infinity? mirror has a polished edge that radically changes the vanilla look of the traditional plastic bezeled EC and prismatic interior mirrors. Infinity mirror provides a jewel-like appearance while improving forward visibility by 15 to 25 percent.


The ClearView? inside mirror switches between a traditional reflective surface and a full-size display showing an unobstructed view from the rear-mounted camera. A larger field of view, dynamic overlays, and improved low light visibility are only some of the benefits of ClearView.