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eClutch Products


eClutch Products

Magna’s eClutch technologies have created a significant advancement in transmission efficiency and flexibility, by significantly reducing parasitic drag as well as enabling transmission hybridization.

Electric Selectable Reverse One Way Clutch

Our Electric Selectable Reverse One Way Clutch products replace traditional wet friction clutch packs and traditional mechanical One Way Clutch, yielding a number of benefits. In addition to weight reduction, transmission architecture is simplified because hydraulic circuits are not required. More importantly, parasitic drag is reduced by as much as 10%, decreasing CO2 emissions.

Future eClutch Products

Some of Magna’s newest eClutch developments include the eSelectable Brake and Rotating eCoupling. Our eSelectable Brake technologies provide all-electric actuation eliminating hydraulic wet clutches and associated circuits, while improving efficiency and overall packaging.  This is a key enabler for transmission hybridization. Our Rotating eCoupling is an electromagnetically actuated selectable clutch with rotating inner and outer races.  Multiple modes are possible enabling connection of two rotating elements, such as an eMotor’s connection into a powertrain.  The eCoupling enables various modes including lock-lock/freewheel and overrunning.