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Engine Driveplates & Accessories


Engine Driveplates & Accessories

Magna is the world market leader in the production of one- and two-piece flexplates. Backed by full engineering and development capabilities and a global footprint, we have a solution for any application.

One-Piece Flexplates

Magna’s one-piece flexplate is manufactured using a patented forming process. The continuous manufacturing flow and one-piece design reduces weight, improves durability, enhances gear tolerances, and eliminates weld spatter.

Two-Piece Flexplates

Magna’s two-piece flexplate consists of a ring gear welded onto a formed can. After welding, all holes and windows are pierced and profiles set via re-strike. Full process capability to weld high strength, low alloy steels, and a variety of materials can be used with the addition of surface treatments.