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Lightweight Products


Lightweight Products

Magna’s innovative metal-forming capabilities and advanced materials expertise allow us to produce parts from alternate materials that are lighter and stronger, increasing driveline efficiency. We have even developed processes that allow aluminum to be joined with steel.

Aluminium Oil Pans & Covers

Our die-formed aluminum oil pans, side covers, and inverter covers can offer significant weight savings greater than 67% over conventional steel pans & covers. Our aluminum oil pans are stronger and lighter than plastic pans and surpass plastic in impact tests. Also available in steel, pan assemblies can include hardware, magnets, gaskets, filter, or coatings. Currently in production and immediately available.

Aluminum Clutch Hubs, Housings & Shells

Magna is taking clutch manufacturing to the next level by investing resources and research into manufacturing lightweight alternatives to traditional steel parts. We can form aluminum into complex shapes and geometries, creating lightweight clutch hubs, housings, and shells that can withstand today’s highly demanding applications while yielding positive CO2 benefits.

Dissimilar Metal Joined Products

As an example of our innovation, Magna’s aluminum clutch hubs and housings can be joined to steel shafts with sufficient strength using our patented dis-similar metal joining process. The result is a part that is equally as strong as its all-steel counterpart, yet lighter, increasing driveline efficiency.

Heat Assisted Calibration Stamped Products

HAC (Heat Assisted Calibration) Forming is a unique and innovative process developed by the Advanced Engineering team within Magna’s Metal Forming Solutions group. The HAC process forms complex steel parts with 1100/1400 MPa yield/tensile strengths, resulting in a thinner part that is up to 40% lighter, with strength and hardness significantly above typical HSLA alloys.