Magna International

High Precision Metal Forming & Cutting Products


High Precision Metal Forming & Cutting Products 

Magna’s high precision metal forming & cutting products are manufactured using some of the most advanced metal forming processes ever used in production, allowing us to produce millions of parts virtually defect-free.

Clutch Modules

Magna offers modular design, development, testing and production of complete clutch modules. For multi-plate clutch assembly, development and test facilities are already in place at several Magna locations. To support all clutch assembly components, various forming technologies and machining of ferrous and aluminum die casting abilities are also in place.
Our transmission clutch and carrier components, including complete modules, are manufactured using some of the most advanced metal forming processes ever used in production. Via patended methods, we can even join aluminium to steel.

Gears, Shafts and Sprockets

Magna designs, develops, tests and manufactures a wide variety of geared and shaft products for transfer cases, continuously variable (CVT) and automatic transmissions. Our laser welding expertise allows us to join high carbon steels to different materials, including aluminum. This capability, along with rotary-forged hollow shafts, provide for mass and weight savings.

Planetary Carriers and Modules
Magna designs, develops, tests, and manufactures a wide variety of carriers for transfer cases and automatic transmissions. This includes powdered metal carriers, forgings, and stamped designs from individual parts to complete drop-in modules.
Steel Clutch Hubs, Housings and Shells

Wet and dry clutch hubs and housings are made by stamping, flow forming or Ernst Grob spline forming. We are able to provide various solutions that are optimized based on geometry or volume requirements. Our latest innovations allow forming of complex parts with high strength and lightweight dis-similar materials for significant weight savings. We offer very short cycle time for high volume programs and our processes include oil vent slots, holes, snap ring grooves, coining and fine-blanking. Our housings carry very high torque loads with precise internal spline features with minimal wasted material compared to machined castings or forgings.

eMotor Housings

Magna’s electric motor expertise includes both precision-stamped and flow-formed housings, optimally designed for hybrid transmissions. With our engineering expertise and full assembly capabilities, we can guide you to the best solution.

Precision CVT Transmission Components
Precision high-strength steel stampings for CVT pulley assemblies replace previous methods of forging parts. Magna's process allows for lighter CVT components, compact assembly size, and lower manufacturing cost.