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Powertrain Electrification

Made by Magna

Guided by Global Trends. Driven by etelligence.

Global automotive trends serve as our signposts—and we have reached many milestones on our way to powertrain electrification. We actively seek out these trends and respond to them with our innovative etelligentDRIVE™ solutions. By continually confronting future challenges, we strive to be the first on the road and the first to cross the finish line of the eMobility race. With our system competence, we understand the complexity of future drivetrains, and offer a wide range of products to meet our customer’s requirements.

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Let´s Drive into the Future Together

The automotive future has many directions. However, it only has one destination: driving as efficiently and economically as possible – whether it is on the highway, a country road, or downtown. At Magna, we are committed to environmental protection, CO2 reduction, and new mobility concepts increasing the quality of life around the globe. As one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, we are always thinking far ahead. We know that we have to continuously work with our customers on sophisticated solutions for the challenges of industry and environment. As an answer to these questions, we developed our etelligentDrive systems that already meet the requirements of future eMobility today.