Magna International

Mild Hybrid Solutions


We love to breathe cleaner. Inside cities and outside.

Mild hybrid systems by Magna provide an answer to multiple existing challenges like legislation driven COreduction and high cost pressures. Such systems support high-volume applications of electrified drivelines as well as fleet average targets at reasonable costs. Mild hybrid systems also achieve improved driving dynamics through electric torque vectoring and traction support. These systems even enable functions like autonomous electric parking.

eRAD 48V Traction Assist

Magna's 48 Volt torque assist e-axle with a high-speed e-machine offers significant CO2reduction potential due to high recuperation capability and a minimized efficiency chain. The system allows for electric comfort functions like parking and sailing, limited pure electric driving functionality and all-wheel drive support in low-friction conditions.
The system, with integrated power electronics, thermal management, and disconnect system, helps OEMs to reach future emission targets while increasing safety and comfort.