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Dedicated Hybrid Transmissions


Sometimes it’s better to take the easy way.

Usually in hybrid architectures, to enable boosting and recuperation, an e-machine must be added to the transmission or engine. However, this also leads to a critical cost-benefit question. With the new Dedicated Hybrid Transmissions (DHT) we simplified our existing hybrid concepts and utilized our long-term development experience with hybridized dual-clutch transmissions. We added a strong e-machine, shifted the dynamic operation towards it while standardizing the engine operation, and reduced the number of gears.

The result is a DHT design that is considerably less complex and less expensive than an add-on solution, where the mechanical functionalities are replaced by the use of the e-motor and thus the number of physical gears and parts can be significantly reduced without changing the base technology.

Automotive electrification is both a challenge and an opportunity.
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Dedicated Hybrid Transmission DHTeco

The DHTeco is part of the transverse product family ranging from DCT to DHT. It is reduced to 4 gears (acting as a dedicated hybrid transmission) with e-launch, e-reverse and two gears in electric driving and follows a smart, modular scalability approach for high-voltage applications.

Dedicated Hybrid Transmission DHTplus
The DHTplus is part of the 400 family. Smart modular scalability approach for high torque high voltage (HV) applications. The DHTplus is reduced to 5 gears (acting as a dedicated hybrid transmission) with e launch, e reverse and two gears in electric driving; full powershift capability in all modes.