Magna International

High Voltage eDrives


When emissions dissolve. And emotions and fun to drive remain. Explore etelligent eDrives

Magna’s high voltage portfolio covers the entire range, from single components to complete systems – from mechanical eAxles up to highly integrated eDrives. Variations are available for plug-in hybrids as well as for pure electric vehicles. The eDrive provides 100 % of its torque immediately, without the lag found in the torque curves of conventional boosted or non-boosted ICE platforms. Thus, driving fun and dynamics are perfectly combined with zero-emission driving.
Magna’s eDrive platform approach provides the highest flexibility using cross-project synergies with maximum scalability from 50 – 250 kW.


Electric Drive Units

Magna’s electric drive units are cost-efficient gearboxes for mid-size up to premium class vehicles as well as sport cars with maximum scalability from 50 to 150 kW. The electric drive units like 1eDT200, 2eDT200 and 1eDT350 allow for park-by-wire with an integrated actuator. They are suitable for pure electric vehicles and can be used as a rear drive unit for hybrid vehicles. The entire portfolio is weight and NVH optimized and offers an eCoupling function especially for P4 applications.

Highly Integrated eDrive Systems

With three different power classes, Magna supports the whole range of vehicle segments with eDrive systems for full hybrid and battery electric vehicles.

The Highly Integrated eDrive System Low is a small e-drive system that contains either an ASM or a PSM e-machine, an integrated single-speed gearbox and a high voltage inverter. The system’s power ranges from 60 to 90 kW.

The Highly Integrated eDrive System Mid includes a gearbox, a PSM e-machine with 90-160 kW power and an inverter. It can be utilized as a primary axle for battery electric vehicles or as a secondary axle for full hybrid and battery electric vehicles.

The Highly Integrated eDrive System High is a very powerful electric axle drive. With its 160-250 kW power PSM e-machine, inverter, and a torque-vectoring optional gearbox, it meets the demands for highest performance and driving satisfaction concerning battery electric vehicles.