Magna International

Powertrain Control Modules


Controlling the Torque

If it’s controlling the torque at the rear wheels of the vehicle, balancing and shifting when needed; or reducing power absorption, our technologies result in better efficiency and less environmental impact.

Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM)

The TCCM provides complete torque control from rear-to-front and front-to-rear wheels. It is mounted with the transfer case, able to perform diagnostics and provide status and compensate for ambient temperature variations to improve quality and reliability.

Rear Driveline Control Module (RDCM)

Magna's RDCM controls the torque at the rear wheels of the vehicle balancing it left to right, and shifting torque when needed.

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

Functions as the master controller in hybrid and electric vehicles. It is responsible for reading driver input and determining the required wheel torque, while also monitoring safety systems and providing thermal and energy management.

Brushless DC Motor Controller

Magna’s BLDC motor control platform is designed to efficiently control motors for air, oil, and water pumps in the power range of 80W to 600W. This modular platform includes a complete selection of hardware options and motor control algorithms to fit almost any automotive application.