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Dual-Clutch Transmissions


Dual-Clutch Transmissions: Two Transmissions in One

Magna dual-clutch transmissions offer the best driving comfort, top-of-the-line efficiency and supercar driving dynamics. Intelligent software ensures that while one gear is active, the next is already preselected. During gear changes, two clutches are actuated alternately. This allows seamless shifts without torque interruption, speeds up gear change and avoids the jolt associated with regular automatics.

Compared to conventional automotive transmissions with torque converters, dual-clutch transmissions are about five percent more economical and in some driving cycles and vehicles even more than 20 percent.

The Most Compact Dual-Clutch Transmission in the World
The six-speed dual-clutch transmission 6DCT150 is the most compact dual-clutch transmission in the world. The automatic transmission for three-cylinder engines is optimized with "Cascading Gears" and "Smart-Actuation" for the highest level in efficiency. Due to the Cascading Gears the gear set is weight optimized and the transmission is extremely lightweight. The Smart Actuators reduce the energy consumption down to the level of a light bulb.
7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission with Smart Actuation
The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission 7DCT300 is a transmission of third generation with Smart Actuation. The dual-clutch transmission for mid and front transverse applications sets standards in efficiency. Due to Smart Actuation, the transmission requires only as much energy as a light bulb. This is unsurpassed. Other features are the start-stop-technology, advanced sailing operation and easiest hybridization. Real efficiency that can be experienced.
7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission with High Performance and Dynamics
The 7DCI700 seven-speed transmission was developed for performance vehicles and sports cars with inline installation. The shortened response times during the gearshift allow for greater driving pleasure and provide a more direct driving experience. Thanks to the transmission control system that allows individual adaptation of all shifts, it is possible to provide multiple driving profiles (comfortable, sporty, racing, etc.) the driver can self-select.
8-Speed High-End Dual Clutch Transmission

In cooperation with the Italian sports car maker Ferrari, Magna has developed and supplies an all-new dual-clutch 8-speed transmission for the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.
Being the most recent addition to the Magna dual-clutch transmission family, this transmission sets a new benchmark for super sport applications, It comes with all attributes necessary for outstanding driving performance in urban traffic as well as on racetracks. Additionally, we integrated new technologies to reduce weight and improve torque-to-weight performance.
The 8DCL900 is a two-shaft dual-clutch transmission for longitudinal installation with front or mid-mounted engines. It is designed for an input torque of 900 Nm and engine speeds of up to 10,000 rpm.
With a view to further future applications, the 8DCL900 also offers flexible possibilities for use in electrified sports vehicles.