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Hybrid Transmissions


Zero emission is a long distance run.
We have the experience and endurance.

The automotive market requires different levels of hybridization to cover global demands. Magna’s Hybrid Transmissions take on these different tasks such as supporting acceleration via boosting, recuperation or charging a battery – through to pure electric driving.

Magna offers a variety of tailored solutions for future green mobility, without compromising driving pleasure, performance or safety. The scalable hybrid transmission solutions from mild to plug-in, range from various hybridized dual-clutch to cost-efficient hybridized manual transmission solutions. Our systems provide the highest fuel efficiency, driving satisfaction, performance, and safety. Magna’s platform approach allows for peerless flexibility when meeting our customers’ requirements.

Hybrid Transmission with Torque-Split Technology

Hybrid-dual-clutch transmissions are fully scalable from mild to plug-in hybrid. The efficiency of the combustion engine and the electric motor can be used thanks to torque-split technology. This torque-split technology allows use of three powertrain designs on a single platform: a conventional powertrain with an internal combustion engine and dual-clutch transmission, a mild hybrid with an internal combustion engine and a 48 V electric motor integrated into the hybrid transmission, and finally, a plug-in hybrid with an internal combustion engine and a 400 V electric motor integrated into the hybrid transmission.

New Small Hybridized 6-Speed Manual Transmission

The hybrid manual transmission 6HMT215 concept offers specific advantages for small and mid-size powertrains as a cost efficient option to create mild hybrid variants based on a 48 V electric system. By using a standardized hybrid part component kit shared with hybrid DCTs, cost and development risks are minimized.

From a vehicle assembly perspective, the integrated solution offers the benefit of a fully-tested unit ready for assembly into the vehicle.

Moreover, the modularity of the concept enables upgrade opportunities to automated hybrid transmissions and to high voltage hybrid units for PHEVs.